How to get a hack for Dragonvale free gems, coins and food


Coins,Treats and Gems HERE

How to get the hack for Dragonvale free gem food and coins

Note!: You have to have you iPod jail broken to do this

Cydia Source name


Step 1 Go to Cydia the brown app and on the home screen go to the bottom and press Mange then when your in mange press edit then add then type in then press add source.

Step 2 Once you have the source added it will load after that press Xsellize and once your in Xsellize go down to the i section and find iap cracker then press it and press install and then confirm.

Step 3 Once it is installed you can download iap cracker list (a list that tells you what game you can use iap cracker for do the same thing press install then confirm then go back to Dragonvale

Step 4 Once you got iap craker go to gems in the market and press the biggest amount and it will get the gems food or coins for free will no say confirm purchase or type in apple id password if it does the hack has not worked if you press yes it will charge you real money so go back to cydia and reinstall it so thats it you can get free gems coins and food.

And remember if it say’s confirm purchase or type in apple id password if it does the hack has has not worked

If you want to see iap cracker list go to setting and it will be there.

Coins,Treats and Gems HERE

DragonVale Hack Tool – Add Gems,Treats and Coins! []


Coins,Treats and Gems HERE

DragonVale Hack Tool - Add Gems,Treats and Coins! []

Hi everyone!

This is the latest version of DragonVale Hack Tool. Update was made on 22th of July 2013,so this Hack Tool is the latest one.

This Hack Tool works on every device!

If you want to get this special DragonVale Hack Tool or some other Mods/Hacks/Keygens, just visit my blog:

There you can find the latest news about Mods and Hacks for DragonVale. If I get next updated version of my Hack Tool for this game, I will share it to you as soon as it is possible.

On my blog are also placed other Hacks and Features for the most popular games nowadays. I am sure that you will like it!

There is a tutorial how to get this Hack Tool:

1. Download DragonVale Hack Tool from our site.
2. Run the application and you will see the main interface.
3. Type your username.
4. Write an amount of Gems,Coins and Treats that you want to add.
5. Finally, press Add button and wait for a while.
6. Congratulations! You have just successfully added sources to DragonVale game!

If you have got some questions, just write me a Private Message or post a Comment on my blog.


Coins,Treats and Gems HERE

DragonVale: Gems, Food, Coins, Hibernation Cave and Expired Dragons Hack


Coins,Treats and Gems HERE

Updated on:

This files does work so I would appreciate it if you would please make sure you are doing everything correctly instead of trying to tell me it doesn’t work and that I need to fix it. I check it out myself on my own DV Park to make sure it works before up loading it and posting it for you guys to use. It only makes since for the file to be working if I post it. I go onto DV at least 3-5 times a day to make sure the file is still working.

Habitat limit pushed to 50.

Hibernation 20k.

ToT, ToC, ToG 99bil.

Breeding Caves limit to 4.

3 capacity habitats changed to 4

1 capacity habitats changed to 2

Gemstone Breedable to each other.

Gemstone island holds 4 each now.

Retired Dragons and Decorations

Note: You will not be able to place more then one Epic Breeding Island.

Must have JailBroken Device, also must have iAP craker (No Longer Works For iOS 6), iFile, and Download Lite. Instructions on how to apply the file are in the original video linked below.

Original file creator is Hackzology, I just manage the updates.
Original video made by Hackzology:

Coins,Treats and Gems HERE

*NEW* Hack DragonVale World v1.7.0 [ Unlimited GEMS / COINS / FOODS ]


Coins,Treats and Gems HERE

*NEW* Hack DragonVale World v1.7.0 [ Unlimited GEMS / COINS / FOODS ]

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App: Dragonvale World.
Version: Any.
Playstore Link:
➜ Function Hack :
1. Unlimited Gems.
2. Unlimited Coins.
3. Unlimited Foods.

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Coins,Treats and Gems HERE

How to HACK DragonVale Unlimited Cash Gems Treats Coins Subscribe for hack


Coins,Treats and Gems HERE

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Coins,Treats and Gems HERE