9 comments on “Delight Dragon! – DragonVale

  1. Don't you dare compare the adorable and sweet Delight Dragon to a furbie . Furbies give you nightmares, the delight dragon gives you…uh…delight? So yeah. And it's my favorite dragon so I gotta protect my sweet baby. Wth am I doing with me life….

  2. I love the delight dragon so I would be soooo delighted if I could save enough roses to get it but the gathering of roses is finishing soon so I'd better hurry!!!😁

  3. If you wanna know how to get unlimited gems go to my YouTube an sub an like my DragonVale video. I will upload a video on how to get unlimited gems when I reach 25 likes. So hurry before it gets patched! (Android only sorry iOS users) no root needed

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