How to breed Lapis Dragon 100% Real! DragonVale! [GEMSTONE]


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How To Get Free Gems On DragonVale [Working]


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13 comments on “How to breed Lapis Dragon 100% Real! DragonVale! [GEMSTONE]

  1. Interesting…so lapis, peridot, garnet, and amethyst dragons…and they are all gem type dragons…reminds me VERY much like a reference to steven universe

  2. I got 9 sonic dragons before I could get the thunder dragon, and it took one try to get the sandstorm dragon. And you said the sandstorm dragon would be difficult to get! BTW I have almost no gems sooooo……..

  3. I like ur videos, but DUUUDE, u say the SAME thing OVER & OVER & OVER again… This video is over 7 minutes long but could have been 2… No offense man but u really like to hear yourself talk lol

  4. Second try, I got it when it was announced to leave I was like this. Fudge. I have to get this. Then I got I was like this.silent but in my mind…wow yay yesss yeeeeeesssssssssssss. (. Gets a heart attack after)

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